RIP Eddie Van Halen (1955-2020)

It’s going to be impossible to fill the void that you’ve left in our hearts and in the world of rock & roll guitar, but your legendary talent and influence will continue to inspire new generations of guitar players, in perpetuity. 

-Bill, 5150 Guitar Lessons

Welcome to 5150 Guitar Lessons! This site is dedicated to offering you some of the most detailed Van Halen guitar lessons available.

These guitar lessons break down each song from start to finish, detailing every nuance of Eddie Van Halen’s legendary playing style in a step-by-step, no-nonsense way… all so that you can learn to rip it up like the man himself!

Here’s what you can expect from each 5150 Guitar Lesson:

An overview of how to get ‘that sound’
Performances of each part followed by detailed break-downs
Really slow walk-throughs of those really fast parts
Less telling you the chords/notes/technique, more showing you
No mastery of music theory/notes/scales required

Get started on a lesson right now!

Disclaimer: All videos available from 5150 Guitar Lessons are for instructional purposes only. No actual Van Halen original recordings, full or partial, are used in any 5150 Guitar Lesson instructional videos. No full ‘cover’ performances of any Van Halen songs are available in any 5150 Guitar Lesson instructional videos. 5150 Guitar Lessons is not affiliated with the artist, organization or entity known as Van Halen.

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