Since 5150 Guitar Lessons became available on YouTube and this site went live, thousands of guitar players had the chance to give them a try. Here’s what some have to say…

“I just bought my 2nd lesson, Panama. Have to say your lessons are just brilliant! The way you slowly work through each riff bit by bit and build on them putting them all together is fantastic. Honestly, I can’t tell you just how good these lessons are, the best out there in my opinion. Oh, and your tone … omg! Honestly just had to give a shout out and say thanks :-)”
-Stephen G.

“Hey, just wanted to tell you what an awesome resource this is! I’ve been trying to learn Panama from tab for a little while and it was slow and painful! In less than an hour of purchasing and watching your tutorial I had 3/4 of the song nailed. Thanks for such a killer product and for making it so easy to understand. I have watched a lot of supposed “tutorial” vids on YouTube but your stuff blows all of them away. You could easily charge 2 or 3 times the amount and I’d gladly pay :)”
-Jon M.

“Just a quick word on the ‘Eruption’ lesson – absolutely awesome! I love all the detail – I always had a nagging feeling that a bit of the tapping sequence didn’t sound quite right, and now I know why!”
-Brett L.

“I bought the “Ain’t Talkin ‘Bout Love” lesson and I really wasn’t expecting much…but WOW…I was blown away. I didn’t plan to learn any of the other tunes but I went and bought all of those lessons too. It was a no-brainer. You should prob charge more, but i’ll take advantage! thanks!”
-Phillip C.

“It’s not very often that I whip out my credit card to pay for something…but I gotta tell you, these are the most accurate lessons I’ve EVER seen for EVH stuff. I’m going to enjoy going through all of these. I bought them all! 🙂 … It’s nice to see something I want to dig my teeth into… Thanks and keep up the AMAZING work! ”
-John B.

“Just want to say Bill ‘gets it’ when it comes to giving guitar lessons.  Finally someone understands what it means to slow it down and teach as if you are in the room with him.  Bill is the most thorough and detailed guitar teacher I have ever found on the Internet.  Bill also does a great job with the camera, so that you can see all the intricate details of his playing.  This is the best $4 you will ever spend on a guitar lesson.  I feel guilty only spending $4 every time I purchase a lesson.  Keep up the great lessons Bill!”
-Jeff S.

“Thanks for the no nonsense tutorial on Eddie’s Panama. You totally nailed the tone and I love how the instruction is just straight to the point. Very nicely and clearly done!”

“…So, a quick tour of YouTube and I stumbled across your video, found your website and downloaded the lesson. Honestly, I was expecting to get as far as the main riff at the beginning. Nope, your instruction has been inspirational. Patient, simple and clear. As a result, and after much, much practice and playing against an isolated guitar track, I have cracked it. Including (a close version of) those fast 20 notes in the middle. My 7 year old thinks I’m guitar hero now, which is good enough for me.”
-Brett L.

“Awesome! Just bought your lesson for Panama. Very good lesson, can’t beat the price… Thanks and looking foward to more lessons!”

“Just wanted to say that your lessons are AWESOME! I hope you do more soon… Frankly if you did a lesson for every VH song I would buy them, your instruction is very thorough and easy to follow. Thank you!!!!”

“I KNEW I WAS PLAYING IT WRONG! Thank you so much dude, i love this song a lot, and i really needed help figuring it out, and your tutorial was perfect! thanks!”

“Hello I purchased your Hot for Teacher lesson video and I think it is great!! You go into really good detail and explain everything really well. ”

“Thanks for shinning a light on EVH. Not just his technique, but his elusive sound also. You nailed it!!! Your tutorial was excellent and very thorough. I learned Panama quickly and easily, due to your outstanding instruction.”

“Excellent sound and excellent lessons, I went through all your vids….I have made really good progress on this song….thank you for really breaking it down for us….keep up the good work…hope you will do other videos in the future…kudos to you!”

“thanks for the lesson…you are an awesome guitar teacher…”

“Amazing playing dude. The best evh sound I’ve ever heard.”

“Great job with this. I’ve been playing this song for a long time but was never happy with the first 10 seconds or so of the solo. You really helped me nail it. Keep Rockin!”

“Thank you for putting this together.. You are a great teacher and make learning the guitar fun and inspiring. Please truly consider putting together a subscription site to put together more videos.. 100 hours is a lot of time and I for one would pay a monthly subscription if all you added was even one new video per month. Of all the tuts I have seen on the net, this video is a deal maker for me to pay into a subscription. Thanks again!”

“Fantastic video….your a great player. Keep the videos coming, all of us VH fans really appreciate it. Thanks ;)”

“Great lesson. Thanks for all the time and effort. This is the whole package.”

“Keep makin more covers and lessons, you have the best lessons on YouTube SERIOUSLY!!!!! You explain every little part and your equipment and sound!”

“great video! awesome detailed instructions. showing all the little things that make the difference and make it sound like the real thing, not just the basic chords!”

“This is the best instructional vid for this song i’ve found yet! Can’t wait to try this when I get home!!”

“Excelent teacher, eye todos los demas ni siquiera tocan ponen una pista segun tocan pero es una pista, congratulations for this teacher.”

“Thank you my good man! very well done! please make more!!”

“Seriously fantastic playing and instruction – Keep it going!!!”

“You could not do a better job…….Finally I nailed it……”

“thank a lot you are great teacher patience sloly muy bueno gracias 1000.”

“You’re a great player, but also an excellent teacher !!! I’m really a average guitarist but you make me sound great easily !!! Thank you very much !!”

“super bon, un prof de tres grande qualité, tres bien expliqué qui est tres rare, sur la chaine! félicitation a William5150”

“Amazing! please keep em coming! i feel like you are giving the answeres to my guitar universe!”

“Awesome series of videos. Your explaination of left and right hand techniques is great. More vids, please!!!”

“Nice work! Accurate and thorough instruction.”

“Dude, I really like your teaching style… great job. Please do some more. I’m actually getting better…. :)”

“This I call teaching!! You break it down and make it understandeble. Thanks man!”

“your lessons were so helpfull, thank you so much for taking your time making these videos, your a great player and teacher.”

“This is so much better than the only other instructional i saw on this part. This is great shit!”

“Hey dude really great lesson keep up the good work you’ve got a great talent and your videos really helped me nail all those subtle things.”

“I’ve just finished watching all eight parts of your Panama lesson. They are fantastic quality of lessons. I’ve never thought about learning to play Van Halen simply because he is just far beyond reach of my level of skill. I think I will give a try to Panama now.”

“I have to agree with one of the other comments in that this is one of the by far better utube lessons, so thanks for your time in setting up the lessons and elaborating…I’ve played this song for years and it gave me some new different and creative ways to improvise and have fun with it…”

“Hi, thought you’re tutorials were great and they really helped me to learn to play this song and get into the style of Eddie!!!!”

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